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Riding the wave of contactless payment

While preparing this new podcast episode we realized, how much our payment behavior has changed over the last years and especially during the last months - yes, also due to COVID-19.  "By card, please" is what you hear most of the time now. You can hardly ever see people paying with cash anymore; instead, more and more customers are pulling out their cards of even smartphones or smartwatches. I'm also using my smartphone more and more often to pay, because I already have it in my hand anyway. I find it convenient. And I'm curious to see when we'll be able to pay "hands free". 

So the market for contactless payment is changing rapidly. How this exciting future of payments will look like and how we will get there - that's what we talk about with Ursula Schilling in our new podcast episode. Ursula works as “Director Ecosystem Management Payment Solutions” at Infineon and in her role is responsible, among other things, for the business development of the Contactless Payment Solutions at Infineon.

Listen to a new episode of the #MakeIoTwork podcast and learn more about this exciting market.

We make the IoT work. 

About the Author
The potential of the Internet of Things is well known. But how do we actually implement it? How can people and companies benefit from it? In my role as Communications Manager for IoT at Infineon, I meet experts, partners and customers to discuss how it can work and what it takes to make IoT work.