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Connecting your product to the cloud in 30 mins or less

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As a former IoT Product Manager in both the enterprise and consumer market, I’m very familiar with how difficult it is to build new products.  First you have to define an unserved need to address.  Then, you need to come up with product requirements, the price-cost envelope and finally the launch plan.  My philosophy was that for every month that my product was not available to purchase, was a month of revenue lost.  This allowed me to frame every decision or tradeoff with a tangible cost in terms of time & money.   My job was to focus my limited engineering resources on building value-adding, differentiated features and leaving the undifferentiated work to others, where possible.   

Many product companies think similarly, in that they have a product or product line in the market, that addresses certain market needs.  They have domain expertise in house, (i.e. everything it takes to make and sell your product), however, they need or want to add cloud connectivity to their products to:  

  • Make their product Alexa enabled (like this),
  • Enable them to send alerts & notifications (like this category of app controlled washing machines)  or
  • Send data into the cloud so they can build a cloud based predictive failure analysis solution. 

While these companies have the deep skills and market understanding to develop their products, they may not have the expertise in building cloud connected products.   The unfortunate part is that while it is a complex task to make a cloud connected product, and it is mostly  undifferentiated work.  Further, to build a quality product, specialized expertise is needed in ALL of the following domains:  a complete network stack, Wi-Fi interoperability, antenna design, Radio Frequency (RF) tuning, cloud configurations and an ongoing focus on security.  are skills that are typically not readily available in most companies. 

Many companies solve this problem by either outsourcing these various functions to a Systems Integrator (SI) or to an Original Design Manufacturers (ODM) because those organizations have access to the necessary expertise.  While these solutions solve the immediate problem of bringing a product to market, connected products require ongoing maintenance  especially in the area of security, networking stack integration. 

A more efficient solution is for product companies to engage into an ongoing partnership with a provider that has a 20 year history in designing stable and robust Wi-Fi solutions, including interoperability with the widest portfolio of Access Points and with AWS, the leader in cloud computing.  With the AIROC ™ Cloud Connectivity Manager (CCM) Module, Infineon provides product companies with a quick & simple black box solution that solves the entire set of networking solutions, with an emphasis on security. 

Infineon’s CCM module, built with AWS IoT ExpressLink technologies,  offers you three  unique features that helps you bring connected products to market faster, securely, and at scale:     

  • Being among the first to implementing the AWS IoT ExpressLink specifications, CCM Modules offer a standardized interface that greatly simplifies and abstracts the communication between device and cloud, reducing application development to a fraction of the time normally required.
  • As the first announced devices to support CIRRENT Cloud ID service, deployment and provisioning  are greatly simplified, making the large scale onboarding of potentially millions of devices secure, yet easy and fast.
  • The CCM software runs natively on the PSoC 64 Secure Microcontroller, with it’s own Root of Trust, with it’s own unique hardware based device identity, and only runs Infineon Signed Software (updated by OTA), in a secure boot & enclave.    

Large fleets of devices using CCM modules can be easily managed from your AWS IoT account, monitoring their health and providing over the air updates to both the device and the module, to keep them secure over the entire product life. 

In order to connect your product to the cloud with CCM, you only need to plug your product into the serial interface to your product.  Unlike other modules, CCM covers Wi-Fi connectivity & security, and  with AWS IoT ExpressLink specifications provide best practices, simplified usability resulting in  unparalleled peace of mind and speed to market.





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About the Author
Amit has a long background in IoT, including working in Smart Lighting, Smart Locks verticals. Prior to Infineon, Amit scaled the Netgear Orbi product line through several generations and innovations, including one that was awarded the TIME Magazine 50 most innovative products of 2018. Amit has worked in startups as well as large companies like AT&T and IBM. At Infineon, Amit is responsible for all Cirrent Cloud Services.