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Intelligent Power Modules (IPM)
Hello I designed the motor driver using the IC controller IMC102 and switch IFCM15P60GD for the motor PMSM with Power 750W, and in practical testing, ... Show More
Intelligent Power Modules (IPM)
Hello, Can someone please confirm the technical difference between IKCM20L60GB  and IKCM20L60GD. Many thanks, Katie Show More
Intelligent Power Modules (IPM)
USB005插入后 识别不到 IIC也无法工作,请问这种情况怎么处理。 Show More
Intelligent Power Modules (IPM)
IPMのDIP 36x21D packageについて教えてください。 DIP 36x21D packageの上面の放熱プレートは内部と絶縁されておりますでしょうか。 実装する際に絶縁シートが必要かあるかご教示いただきたいです。   下記のANではサーマルグリスを介してヒートシンクとなっておりますが... Show More
Intelligent Power Modules (IPM)
Hello,   I am interested in using IRSM808-204MH in a new product design.  The datasheet is not clear about a few things.   1.   How is the "DT" (dead ... Show More
Intelligent Power Modules (IPM)



What is the IR3575MPBF and IR3564BMTRBF fit value and MTBF value?

Intelligent Power Modules (IPM)
Hi, I selected IMX828 device for the application of DC_DC converter front end converter. Planned to operate it at frequency of 80kHz @ 15V Vdd. How mu... Show More
Intelligent Power Modules (IPM)
Hi all, it is first time using  IRSM005-800MH . I encountered some trouble. I have circuit like below. what I'm expecting is high side FET turn on. an... Show More
Intelligent Power Modules (IPM)
正常参考数据手册真值表,设计驱动端程序。芯片无法正常工作,表现在三相单元无输出。检查EN及ITRIP引脚状态正常,希望有用过相同芯片的朋友能帮忙解惑。 程序设计思路,HA :1  LA :0   HB:0 LB:1  内部MOS管导通方式为 A+,B-   A端可以测到电源电压。如果把电机接进去 电... Show More
Intelligent Power Modules (IPM)

I am planning to use the USB005A Dongle to program the IR38060M.

Does the header have a 2.54mm pitch?

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Intelligent Power Modules (IPM)

Post your questions about Infineon Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs). Depending on the level of integration and power required there are different options of semiconductors and drivers in numerous packages for various voltage and current classes. CIPOS™ IPMs are families of highly integrated, compact power modules designed to drive motors in applications ranging from home appliances to fans, pumps, and general-purpose drives