IGBT Driver


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Hello.1 May I ask if the capacitors and resistors (e.g. C79 and R82) in parallel between the gate and emitter of the IGBT in Figure 38 in the attachment are structures in the IGBT module or on the driver board?

2. Is the transient suppression diode D3_UB and the diode below it, back-to-back with it, in figure 37 an active clamp circuit? And what is the purpose of R28_UB and D6_UB?

3. What is the function of Schottky diodes D5_UB and D4_UB?

4 For beginners who want to learn this driver board, does Infineon provide any other learning materials or suggestions (e.g. schematic library and PCB library for this board)?

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


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