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Hyper RAM
In Hyper-V what happens when I "delete saved state" of one Remote PC; Would I lose the data in that Remote PC? Because I have tried to increase the RA... Show More
Hyper RAM
Hello everyone, I asked the same question under HyperFlash board; however, this applies to the HyperRAM too since they follow the HyperBus timing spec... Show More
Hyper RAM
Hello, We are using the STM32L4R5 (Nucleo-144, L4R5ZI-P) to implement HyperRAM memory (S27KL0642) under hyperbus protocol. There is a problem between ... Show More
Hyper RAM
We are using a Cypress/Infineon HyperRAM, part number S70KS1281DPBHV020, driven by the Cypress/Infineon Hyperbus Controller on a Xilinx FPGA (xc7k160t... Show More
Hyper RAM
Hi, I'm trying to implement Hyperbus protocol for Hyper RAM on a NUCLEOL4R5ZI-P without success. Is some exemple on STM32L4R are available?   Kind reg... Show More
Hyper RAM
70KS1281DPBHI020(HyperRAM)について、相談させて下さい。 上記は型式として1.8V品となっていますが、AC性能を3V品相当とすれば、3V品として使用可能でしょうか。 (DDR3LをDDR3として使用するように。)   背景としては、試作基板で使用しており他の設計ミスのためB... Show More
Hyper RAM
The demo showcases the HyperRAM in Industrial or consumer HMI application as an expansion Memory in Display Applications. This demo demonstrates the H... Show More
Hyper RAM
Hello,  I am working on iMX8QXP based custom board with Yocto L5.4.24-2.1.0.On our board, we are trying to communicate S27KS0641 HyperRAM using the Fl... Show More
Hyper RAM
Hi,I'm having trouble to test the Hyperbus Memory Controller IP which downloaded from cypress. I have read the ReadMeFirst pdf file and conducted the ... Show More
Hyper RAM
HI,I use the S27KS0641's model emulate the controller,but Modelsim hint "Error: C:/Users/Bruce/Desktop/Psram_Interface/s27ks0641.v(375): $skew( neged... Show More
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Hyper RAM

HyperRAM™ memory Forum discusses self-refresh DRAM operating on the 12-pin HyperBus interface. With a read throughput up to 333 MB/s, the HyperRAM for SoCs with limited on-board RAM providing external scratch-pad memory for fast read and write operations.