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The demo showcases the HyperRAM in Industrial or consumer HMI application as an expansion Memory in Display Applications. This demo demonstrates the HyperRAM throughput and density-fit in HMI applications in a low pin count compared to traditional SDR or parallel Async interface PSRAM solutions.


This is home automation where RGB LED (light, intensity), FAN speed, Temperature are remotely controlled/monitored by the HMI unit.


HMI unit uses a TFT display of size 480x272, 16-bit RGB pixel. This corresponds to 2Mbit per frame. Since display is SRAM intensive, internal SRAM is not sufficient in mid range controllers. The external HyperRAM memory is used for display buffer due to low pin count and high throughput.


Demo uses double buffering scheme where one frame is used to update anew display content while the other frame is directly driving the display content. Both frames are stored in HyperRAM. With high throughput of the HyperRAM demo, theoretically it can achieve up to 150fps.


For more details on HyperRAM Memory, click here.


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