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Hyper Flash

Please provide maximum junction temperature for IC S29GL01GT11DHB020.

We require this data on urgent basis. 

Hyper Flash
Hi, I want to use S26KL128SDABHN030 memory with STM32L4+ microcontroller. I read that this memory has DCARS feature. Is it possible to disable it to u... Show More
Hyper Flash
Hi there, I'm looking to get FIT data for part S25FL256SAGMFM000. If you could provide that it would be appreciated!   Thanks! Tom Show More
Hyper Flash
I am looking to get in contact with Cypress and do a LTB for part that is above being discontinued.  Infineon told me to post here to get in contact w... Show More
Hyper Flash

Where to get the layout guideline for S26KS256SDPBHB02 ?

Hyper Flash
Dear supporters, S26KL256SDPBHB02 is temperature grade of B(-40 to +105).Does this specification mean absolute maximum range of Tj? Datasheethttps://community.infineon.com/t5/forums/searchpage/tab/message?advanced=false&allow_punctuation=false&q=S26KL256SDPBHB02... Show More
Hyper Flash
Hi everyone, I try to use password protection on S26KL512S. My first parameter sector is locked (4Ko size) but I can't unlock it. After sending unlock... Show More
Hyper Flash
in S26KL-S/S26KS-S devices, Can DCARS function be disabled by software? What happens if PSC and PSC# pins are left open circuit? Show More
Hyper Flash
Hi  We are evaluating some Hyperflash devices for our upcoming product. I want to understand if you have any of the Hyperflash devices supporting SFDP... Show More
Hyper Flash
Hello all, We are new to HyperFlash erasing and programming. Therefore we are looking for sample code on how to erase and program HyperFlash using Oct... Show More
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