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Hello, I am working on S6J32xx and S6J33xx and I have to be able to distinguish between S26KL-S and S26HL-T models. I can easily get device ID of S26K... Show More
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Kindly explain, how Address =0x555 is converted into 24-bit Row address (i.e. 0xAA) and Column Address (i.e. 0x05).

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Hello, I need to know the export control ( ECCN ) & HTS code for this part please ( S29GL512P11TAI010 ) Thanks, ALI Show More
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Hi! I am using the multichip HyperRAM + HyperFlash S71KL256 (based on S26KL256) for a custom application with STM32H725. I have succeeded setting up c... Show More
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Please advise what are the product applications for S26KL512SDABHB020?


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Please provide maximum junction temperature for IC S29GL01GT11DHB020.

We require this data on urgent basis. 

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Hi there, I'm looking to get FIT data for part S25FL256SAGMFM000. If you could provide that it would be appreciated!   Thanks! Tom Show More
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Hi, I want to use S26KL128SDABHN030 memory with STM32L4+ microcontroller. I read that this memory has DCARS feature. Is it possible to disable it to u... Show More
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I am looking to get in contact with Cypress and do a LTB for part that is above being discontinued.  Infineon told me to post here to get in contact w... Show More
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Where to get the layout guideline for S26KS256SDPBHB02 ?

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