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Gate Driver ICs
 Can't find the soldering peak reflow and also MSL documents for the 1EDN7550U gate driver on the product web page.  There is a good board assembly ap... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
I am designing a peltier controller, I will use a MOSFET h-bridge for this.I have been reviewing many data sheets and I have a doubt, I don't know whi... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
I'm working with 1ED3860MC12MXUMA1 gate driver.  I read the manual about the I2C command but without understand well.  Is it possible to have or to re... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
Hello, The utilisation of the ir2010pbf is unclear for me . They is 2 GND , one for Vss (numerical partp and one for the COM (mosfet part). Does these... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
Hello there, I am attempting to run a Altium SPICE simulation with the SPICE model for the IRS21876S, and I'm encountering a few errors. I keep gettin... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
Hi I like the IR4426/7/8 low end drivers because they have MOSFET end stages, have two channels, and have a SO8 package. Unfortunate, the data specifi... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
Dear IFXer, We new have following the 1ED020I12 recommended circuit to design desat function for SIC MOSFET.  but find abnormal waveform need your hel... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
Hi community, hi Infineon support, we are planning to use the AUIR324x IC gate driver for a battery switching architecture with current constraints of... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
Hi there, As topic, I have went through the whole manual but there is nearly no description about these ov uv err: The most related info I can find i... Show More
Gate Driver ICs

Any recommendations to size the wire protection of 2ed2410 application note or tool.

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Gate Driver ICs

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