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Gate Driver ICs Forum Discussions

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Gate Driver ICs
Hi I'm working on project of StepUp DC/DC converter (12V to 24V, 200W, variable output voltage) I'm looking for correct driver for MOSFET bridge. I fo... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
Hello! I use 1ED3320MC12N in my project, 3 phase inverter. I have 6 chips in total, all fault pins were connected with ready signals to a single point... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
Hey,  I am trying to use the 2EDF7275F driver to drive two MOSFETs (IMW65R048M1H) for high-voltage AC switching as attached,  for the 2EDF7275F, I use... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
When 2ED2181S06F is used to drive the high and low side MOSFET, the low side can be turned on and off normally, but the high side cannot be turned on.... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
In the data sheet for the 1EDN7511B the Static output characteristics show a range of High level (sourcing) outputresistance  of 0.42R to 1.46R and Lo... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
Hello. I can't access Calculator_EiceDRIVER. I think " You are not authorized to access this service" is the problem. (See picture below) If I need pe... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
The sampling parameters are shown as below. 1、How to calculate the sampling error of the chip? Is the error obtained by using SPI consistent with ADCP... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
Description2ED020I06-FI is a high-voltage, high-speed power MOSFET and IGBT driver with interlocked high-side and low-side referenced outputs. The flo... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
Hai      i am developing a 3.3Kw PFC unit, in that i am using the 2EDN8524F as a gate dreiver for to drive 2 mosfets( in parallel-IPP60R080P7 or IPW60... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
Hello everyone,  We are developing a motor controller with the part 6EDL7141 in 3 shunts configuration, with FOC control. We use the current sense amp... Show More
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Gate Driver ICs

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