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Gate Driver ICs

The data sheet has the following description

"Cycle by cycle edge-triggered shutdown logic"

What kind of function is this?

Gate Driver ICs
Good day,I am trying to use three IR2113 drivers for a VFD. I have followed the application guide as attached. I am using six STF13N95K3 n-channel MOS... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
Hello,   We are using 6 1EDI3031AS chips for a SiC inverter. We design the circuit as recommanded in datasheet and the inverter can work properly to d... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
Hi community. I have a problem with simulation and don't know how to solve it. I got the .model file for 2EDF7275F from here (2EDF7275F - Infineon Technologies... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
Hello, I'm using TLE7242 and I want to use it to detect the load disconnection fault. SPI #9 Diagnostic Read is for diagnose. The response message con... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
Hello,I have been developing a new PCB with GaNs IGO60R070D1 to build a three-phase synchronous rectifier as shown in the image. I am now trying to co... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
Hi, I am trying to understand if I can use 1EDN8550B as a high side load switch for my system. My system is running from a 48V battery with Max curren... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
hi , fine today What's the difference between 1EDc(certified insulation ) and 1EDi (galvanic insulation) ? please send me good idea Show More
Gate Driver ICs


   I want to confirm the if the TLE7181EM can operation in 24V automotive system, 

Gate Driver ICs

Where can I find website that I can purchase designated proper item

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Gate Driver ICs

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