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Gate Driver ICs Forum Discussions

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Gate Driver ICs
Hello to all!I would like to know if the driver 1ED020I12-B2 can handle 3 IGBT Infineon FF200R12KT4 ( 3 IGBT for each channel ).It will be used in a f... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
Dear colleague,
Can you share the excel calculation for bootstrap capacitor selector?

Gate Driver ICs
Hello,Can half-bridge gate drivers like the IRS2007 and IRS2008 be controlled by DC voltages at the IN pin, or is there a minimum input frequency? Th... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
Dear Infineon Team,I wish to use this driver (2ED21084S06J) in my work to drive half-bridge inverter. I want to insert deadtime of up to 4.5 microseco... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
Hello everyone, I use the gate driver ic IR2136, when I measure between VB1 and VS1 I haven't 15V, I have to put the source pin of the mosfet transist... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
Dear Team,We are looking for solenoid driver IC's for both PWM & ON/OFF type solenoids with operating voltage of 6-60V and current output of 2.5A in T... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
Hi,I made a motor drive using 6EDL04I06PT, STD16NF06T4 FETs (16A TO252), 0.033ohm triple shunt, 2.2uF bootstrap caps and 24ohm gate drives on all gate... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
0I am designing a BLDC motor controller and facing some issues with using an IRS2007 along with IRFB3607.For one phase, the high side and low side giv... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
I have modelled an IGBT diode pack from Infineon in SABER RD . I want a test circuit to obtain Eon Eoff curve. Can you help me out.
Gate Driver ICs
Hello,I have a circuit to convert 200 Volts to a regulated 160 Volts at 35 Amps, the cuircuit works ok.I want to convert the circuit so it uses a N-MO... Show More
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Gate Driver ICs

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