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Gate Driver ICs
Hello  I'm trying to Switch battery Power which has 19.2 ~ 21.6V / pK 400A / nominal Max 200A  And trying to use 12 X IRF7480 with AUIR3241S driver   ... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
Hello,I'm not able to download the Pspice model for IR2110 from the website, " the web site encountered an error." Anyone can help? Thanks,   Show More
Gate Driver ICs


Gate Driver ICs
Hello, I received a component with following information written on it: A2085 / A441P / IR / C / STX3. I suppose it was manufactured in the 41st week ... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
Hello, 1. Digikey discribes this ic as 'IC IGBT DVR 1200V DSO8' however there is  no mention of it being able to drive an IGBT in the datasheet. It on... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
Just a note for other users, I recently changed from using an IRS2110 (lower floating voltage version) and encountered a persistent fault in an H-bri... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
HI, all. I want to ask whether AUIR3240S can be applied to back-to back FET configuration as AUIR3241S. I don't see back-to-back configuration in AUIR... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
Hi,I am using IR21814S for LLC gate driver, and I need to limit the minimum duty of PWM signal. Could you help address the minimum HI/LI on pulse req... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
I have attached the circuit. I'm trying to drive a coolgan HEMT (IGOT60R070D1) with driver - 1EDF5673F.PROBLEM - 1) When I tested the driver alone (w... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
hello, We have used TLE9183 in our design,now I am writing DFEMA,I am confused on what will happen to this IC when two pins of this driver IC short to... Show More
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Gate Driver ICs

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