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Gate Driver ICs Forum Discussions

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First question asked Welcome!


We are developing a high voltage (450V to 850V) BLDC driver for electric vehicles,
Using IGBT driver, PN 1EDI20I12AF.
We have a technical question:
As the IC is suitable upto 1200V, the high side drive will have Ground reference of High Voltage (850V) on pin 8,
while the Pin 7 is just 0.65 mm far, Pin 2 is 4.5 mm far,
How does it pass the creepage test?
Doesn't the voltage jump to other neighbouring pins?
Please help us clarify this point.
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Hi Anurag:

Thanks for your reference,  1EDI20I12AF is not automotive gate drive IC. Would you like double check it?

This is list for your application:


Would you please cloose "active and preferred" "automotive" product for your design.

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