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Hello. Thanks for your previous valuable advice, my PCB is working great. There is a small problem about Vitrip+, according to the datasheet I refer to, Vitrip = Idc.R0(R1/R1+ R2) R0 = 0.05R; R1=5.1k; R2=6k (you see the picture on the left below) with Idc=22A we get Vitrip = 0.5V. But the current R0 (shunt resistor) has a very small power, which cannot withstand 22A current. If I use 0.002R shunt resistor it can handle 22A current, but with R0=0.002R I can't figure out reasonable R1 and R2 to feed Vitrip+=0.5V. Refer to "EVAL-6ED2231S12TM1 User Manual" I see that you guys use 3.3v external voltage, so I want a new design to use. So I want to ask you if my design (bottom right picture) is correct?. Thanks a lot



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