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Gate Driver ICs Forum Discussions

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Hello, I am designing a BLDC, hall sensor, 3-phase motor driver circuit. The switching frequency is 15 kHz. Aluminum capacitor is thrown in the DC bus line. The necessary components for Bootstrap have been thrown. I control the duty with a potentiometer. While the engine is in the air, the engine spins up to high speeds. However, there is a problem under load, there is always a short circuit between the VCC-LO pins of a gate driver. I am using STM32F303RE as control IC and I wrote the software. In some cases, the potentiometer becomes dysfunctional, does not detect it, I have to reset it.

Why are VCC-LO pins always burning in this integrated?

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Hi ibronix:

Thanks for your reference. The problem maybe from PCB layoue and drive design.

Would you  like share your SCH and PCB layout?

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