Gate Driver IC's

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Gate Driver IC's
hi,we have encountered the click noise issue when press power off key to power off the unit in standby mode (no audio played this time), the irs2092 c... Show More
Gate Driver IC's
Dear Infineon Support, I am currently designing with the BTF3035EJ chip and have purchased the Demoboard BTF3xxxEJ (PN: BTF3035EJDEMOBOARDTOBO1) to va... Show More
Gate Driver IC's


Gate Driver IC's
Hi,  as described in the datasheet of the "GaN EiceDRIVER 1EDF5673K", the IC is specially developed for GIT technology based products like the "IGT60R... Show More
Gate Driver IC's
I am doing a new design with the 1ED44173N01B gate driver chip. In testing the design I can see 0.8+ volts on the OCP pin but there is no Fault driven... Show More
Gate Driver IC's
DIE CODE/LAYOUT difference for DC2125 as compared  to DC2113. ALL COO TH.  Are they both genuine or counterfeit?       Show More
Gate Driver IC's
I am not clear about the differences between different types of devices. For example: 2EDL05N06PF and 2ED2304S06F, it is very confusing to choose, bec... Show More
Gate Driver IC's
This thread is a collection of gate driver IC related questions.
Gate Driver IC's
Hi,I'm designing a DC-DC converter. I'm thinking of using SiC mosfet and Infineon driver in this circuit. The mosfet I am using is 4 pin (Kelvin Sourc... Show More
Gate Driver IC's
나는 PSpice 9.2 버전 사용자입니다. 그런데 IR2101 부터 시작해서 모터드라이버 IR - 시리즈는 전부 다 SIMetrix 용으로 제작되더군요.PSpice용으로도 라이브러리 제작해주길 바랍니다. 그외 ic 들도 말입니다.이전에 개인 서포트 란으로 IR2101... Show More