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Diodes & Thyristors (Si/SiC) Forum Discussions

Diodes & Thyristors (Si/SiC)
Hi Team ,  Pls. help to guide for support Schottky diode rating of 200V-- Current ( 20~30A) in TO 200.     Br  Dine   Show More
Diodes & Thyristors (Si/SiC)

Need alternate for MPN IRFR120NTRPBF

Diodes & Thyristors (Si/SiC)
Does anyone have the pinout for the STT series of Soft Start Modules (e.g. STT1900N16P55)? It seems to be missing from the data sheet. Also, is there ... Show More
Diodes & Thyristors (Si/SiC)
Let me confirm one point about the flat Diode.In the datasheet, the surge current is IFSM=110,000A.Would it be okay to extrapolate the Vf-If character... Show More
Diodes & Thyristors (Si/SiC)

英飞凌的快速开关型晶体管中能满足一下条件的有哪些型号? (1)工作电流(或漏源电流)致少大于4A, (2)触发脉冲辐度:低于2-3V; (3)工作电压:大于25v (4)工作频率:大于800MHZ 芯片在脉冲工作时的上升、下降沿一般在2-4ns量级

Diodes & Thyristors (Si/SiC)
When referencing the datasheet for SCR module TT250N, the "socket" space around the quick connect terminals (110X030) lack sufficient details concerni... Show More
Diodes & Thyristors (Si/SiC)
Can someone tell me what the mating connector for pins 4 and 5 of the TZ810N22KOF SCR is?  I would rather not use fast ons if possible. Thank you. Show More
Diodes & Thyristors (Si/SiC)
Is it possible to get the I2t value (at 25°C) of DD750S65K3?I would appreciate it if you could confirm it.Also, when calculating the amount of surge, ... Show More
Diodes & Thyristors (Si/SiC)
Hello Everyone,  Greetings! will you please suggest FullPACK version of Power diode IDH12G65C6XKSA1 [DIODE SiC 650 V 12 A (TH: TO220-2)] because of ma... Show More
Diodes & Thyristors (Si/SiC)

I Have some question letter

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Diodes & Thyristors (Si/SiC)

Infineon being a market leader for power diodes and thyristors, offers core technology for wide range of application ranging from power level of 10kW to 10GW. We offer high efficient silicon or CoolSiC™ silicon carbide diodes in discrete housings as well as bare dies for the highest flexibility, with both industrial and automotive qualification. In this forum, you can post your questions, comments and feedback about any diode/ thyristor part from Infineon. You can even sign up for our free Newsletter to receive first-hand news and update.