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I have tried a dozen times to turn off automatic updates, but it keeps turning itself back on. I am un-checking "Automatically find new updates and notify me" on the Install/Update | Automatic Updates panel of the Preferences window. Half the time the change does not take effect. The rest of the time it gets reset to checked when I restart DAVE.

How can I absolutely and forever turn off the extremely annoying automatic updates check?
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The code has been written to handle enabling "Auto update " feature by default. In Eclipse there is no way we can identify whether preference has been set by user or system.

But we there is an alternative option, where you can de-activate the update links [If you don't want to get the ]
1. Start DAVE
2. Help ->Install New Software
3. Select 'Available Software Site'
4. Preference dialog will open showing list of updates has been checked for updates
5. Select "Available Software Site" under Install/Update->Available Software Site
6. Select all and click Disable
7. Click OK
8. Restart

You will not get any future notification in future

PS: If you want notification then follow above steps and select all sites and click on "Enable"

I hope this will solve your issue.

Thanks and Regards
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That works.