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Can the PR register be loaded directly using a DMA transfer when the CCU timer is not running, or does the shadow transfer register need to be used?
The goal is to update a PWM duty cycle using a DMA. If the shadow transfer register needs to be used two DMAs instead of 1 are needed to accomplish this goal.
In DAVE this is done by triggering a PWSP001 app in single shot mode using an external event, the period match event triggered by the end of the PWM pulse triggers a DMA transfer which loads the next duty cycle into the PWM CCU.

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In the reference manual, the CC4yPR.PR is "rh".
R - Read
H - change by hardware

In the reference manual, the CC4yPR.PRS is "rw".
R - Read
W - Write

In another word, there is no direct "write" access to CC4yPR.PR.
Please use the CC4yPR.PRS and the Shadow transfer, regardless of whether the timer has stopped or is still running.