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In working with DAVE3 I have found that knowing which hardware unit to select when creating a new app is difficult.
For example, recently I was add two new DMAs to my project, and found that some DMAs needed to be on GPDMA0, and some on GPDMA1.
The four channel 1 DMAs had already been used, so to fix this one GPDMA1 app that could also use GPDMA0 had to be switched to make room for the GPDMA that could only be on channel 1.
This can problem an be applied to any communication, capture, or pwm app.
Is there a good way of determining which hardware unit to use from the reference manual, I have not been able to find one?
If DAVE3 could not prompt for a hardware unit, and dynamically select the correct one instead that would save a lot of time manually switching purposes of hardware modules when adding new functionality.

Thank you,
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