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When generating an Application that runs in PSRAM, some initialization procedure did not execute.
I found out that e.s. for the Uart the UART_t declaration does not have the const prefix. Therefore the structure is allocated in the .bss section and not
as it should be in .rodata. After boot (not initialized) !!. The pointers declared inside point to nowhere and the
program crashes. The Problem maybe is not linked to the missing const prefix, becaus running from flash the values
ar initialized and correct. Maybe it is linked to the linkedscript.
I took the linkerscript from the ASC Loader example, but it seems that the init values of the variables etc are not
present in the "PSRAM_1" image. As in the flash linkedscript for the data segments

.data { ...} > SRAM_combined AT > FLASH_1_uncached

i added/modified to

.data {....} >SRAM_combined AT > PSRAM_1

Someone has any suggestion ? It is correct what i have done ?

In the output file generator was missing the .rodata section (-j .rodata).
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