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I hope you don't mind, but as I'm new to this particular forum, XMC4500, and DAVE, I have become aware of several things that would help me a lot to get up to speed. My particular interests are:
SPI, IIS, UART, Note: I am using SPI devices that require the chip select be inactive between each write, i.e. the word and frame size are both 16 bit.
with and without DMA (only for DMA IIS read - I note there threads on DAVE forum so will be looking more deeply into them),
with and without using FIFO, FFT.

I'm struggling to determine:
* How to use FIFO with SPI write - the DAVE set-up seems straightforward, but the resulting output provides no clue as to how to operate;
* What style to use (full duplex/ half duplex - I'm only interested in writing to the devices to set them up/change and don't wish to read);
* How do I know the FIFO and the SPI have both completed (i.e. FIFO empty, and SPI finished) so I can load another set of commands;
* How to I control two SPI devices on one SPI port, especially with a FIFO involved. This looks to be impossible without ensuring all SPI messages for a device are completed so that the chip select can be changed - the XMC4500 reference manual hints that FIFO frame by frame chip can be achieved, but it is not clear how;

So here is the wishlist:
1) DAVE examples could do with more variety (c.f. as noted above) and have additional documentation explaining the principle of operation;
2) DAVE postings could benefit from being broken down into sub groups: DAVE bugs, DAVE how to's, DAVE requests for change, (any more?);
3) DAVE postings that are entirely coding errors by client should be removed to another thread or sub-group. [Depends if it is a misunderstanding regarding DAVE generated code, or one to do with the target device and its operation. Target device coding errors by client should be moved to an appropriate thread. DAVE misunderstandings should result in a 'How To' at the least.]
4) Following on from 1), non-DAVE reference designs (examples) for micro-controller features would be best available through a portal for the device/device family; These should have been tested, but do not need to be complete for the purposes of education, e.g. using FIFO, using SPI. A sort of chapter and verse. I would gladly buy ($5 or less) PDF for decent examples that included the principle of operation and advisory information;
5) The forum as a whole is really difficult to search because the search tools do not do the obvious, like: respect quoted strings, support xx AND yy style searches, search titles and/or body text.
6) The forums should be tree-like, so: that as a preliminary, one can navigate to narrow the focus and classify;
7) The moderator should aggressively cull threads that have have a common theme - a Wiki would help to keep the knowledge for reference. Duplication is the bane of large forums;
😎 The posts should be flagged as to status - new, open, assigned, closed (with action taken - sometimes these result in a bug fix etc). If there is a reference to a bug report or another thread, it should be possible to get to that report/thread.
9) All posts should have an ID so searches can be exact, references made easily.
10) It should be possible for users to: (a) program DAVE (to fix or enhance), and (b) to submit such changes for DAVE update. The community will likely want this, even to the point of taking ownership of DAVE so that corrections can be made quickly, rather than waiting for the constrained resources of Infineon to get around to it;
11) It should be possible to convert a forum thread into a bug report, or split a forum thread into parts if the submitter has bagged up several issues in one thread (just like I have ) - to be moderator controlled.

Sorry for the length and breadth for my wishlist, but I think you can get the idea. I do realise that there is a bug report channel for DAVE (DAVE Problem Reporting).
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With referring to your particular interest on SPI, you may find some useful hints from the following threads:
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Best regards,