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How to earn User Points?

  • Be an active contributor to fellow forum users’ threads, your good contribution will earn you handsome user points!
  • You can gain points for starting new threads or new polls and reply to your own thread.
  • Gain points when your threads receive ratings. More rating stars = more points awarded.
  • Points are awarded when you receive good reputation on your posts.
  • Stay active by logging in and be part of the forums. We value our active users by giving additional user points, just by staying active! On the contrary, your total user points shall be deducted for an inactivity period of 60 days.

How does Reputation Points scheme works?

  • Reputation points are awarded by fellow forum users.
  • Reputation point can be added or subtracted.
  • You need to contribute at least 10 posts to be eligible to add/remove reputation points. Prior to that, reputation clicks given are deemed as invalid.
  • You are allowed to give reputation to the same user on different good posts, after giving reputation clicks to at least 2 other forum users.
  • The number of reputation clicks you can give in a day is capped at 10.
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