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I have just updated to Dave 1.3.6 and the latest application libraries. Is there a way of bringing the application libraries of an existing DAVE project up to date or do I need to create a new project, select all the applications again and then redo the pin assignments, signal connections etc.?

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Hi Andy,
There is a migration function implemented that allows the migration of an earlier version of a DAVE App to the latest version stored in the local repository (D3LibraryStore)
This function is hidden because it is not fully tested and doesn’t cover all corner cases in particular if a very early version of a DAVE App should be migrated to the most recent version. But if the DAVE App to be migrated is only 2 to 3 version older than the target version, it should work fine.
The migration function could be activated as follows:
Right mouse click on toolbar area
Select: “Customize Perspective….”
Open: “Command Groups Availability”
Select: “App Migration (Untestet….”
Press: OK

Then a now tool box button will be shown on the toolbar with the mouse over: “App Migration (Untestet….”

Pressing this button will start a migration process to migrate all DAVE Apps of the current active project to the most resent version stored in the local library store.
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