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I have been using the XMC4500 Step-AA device to implement a number of I2S interfaces on USIC0 and USIC1.

There is a known bug in the Step-AA device which prevents the I2S app from being selected for USIC2.

I have now upgraded to the Step-AB device in order to utilise all 3 USIC's.
However, when I create a new DAVE project for the XMC4500-AB device the USIC I2S and I2C Aps are absent.

Is there any workaround which will allow me to use all 3 USIC's for I2S communications ?
I am using DAVE Version 3.1.6 with all updates applied.

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You may need to copy the codes (select whatever available I2S & I2C Apps) generated in AA-step project to AB-step project. Then make necessary changes in *_Conf.c & MULTIPLEXER.c. Good luck...

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