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I'm running DAVEv4 with using DAVE APPs. I am trying to track my variables through a hyper terminal USB connection. I have gotten the connection to work and am able to send strings however anytime I try to send a byte or data (Data being just several bytes together), my computer receives a list of characters. I'm assuming I am sending the wrong data type?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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next time please share with us your code.

Anyway I guess you don't convert your data into ASCII.

I use sprintf to convert data into ascii hexstring.

uint8_t tmp[8] = {0x7F,0x01,0x02,0x03,0x05,0x00,0x00,0x00};
char data[999];
for(uint8_t i=0;i<8;i++)
sprintf(data, "D%d %#x\r\n",i, tmp);