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I am trying to implement a TCP client on the XMC4800. This client should be able to send individual messages to a Server and to receive the response messages.
For the beginning, I worked with the "IOT_EXAMPLE_XMC47" and implemented this example for a XMC4800. Also, I removed some functions which I don't need for the communication. I have this source code so far:

I use Wireshark to analyze the network communication between the XMC and my PC. But the TCP connection always resets and I don't know why. Maybe because my PC is not working for a host?
I also tried to connect the XMC with Putty (RAW Connection type), but that doesn't work either. Besides, I do get a ping response form the XMC.*

PS: I hope you can open the zip attachment wich includes the project.

Thank you for your help!
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