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Hello 🙂

I have a question to the SYSTM002 App parameter in DAVE 3. The first and second parameter are clearly, but i didnt't understand the third. I tried it with a method, nevertheless i don't understand.

In my code i have a line like this:

SYSTM002_CreateTimer(1000, SYSTM002_ONE_SHOT, ???, NULL);

Can somebody explain me the third parameter? This would be very helpful. 🙂

Many thanks in advance!
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Level 4

So the third parameter is the callback function that will be executed when the timer finishes.

So if you do something like:

uint32_t a = 0;
int main(){
SYSTM002_CreateTimer(1000, SYSTM002_ONE_SHOT, testFunction, NULL);

and then define a function like this:

void testFunction {
a = 1;

after 1ms the variable a should become equal to 1.