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I am trying to do SPI communication using XMC4800-196 and DAVE SPI-APPs.
I encountered a Timing Problem since the MOSI data is exactly syncronous to the SCLK clock (should Change state 1/2 clock earlier!). The Shift clock delaying in the SPI-Config Dialog has no effect! The SPI slave requires SCLK state low on idle, and MOSI must be stabe on rising edge of SCLK!
Any Suggestion how to get around?
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Level 3
In the APP, go to adv settings, then the field control has "Clock Settings". Here you select the SPI Modes.
The Delay Settings are something else entirly - you shouldn't change them unless understanding them (leave at 1).
Then don't forget to click the "generate code" button (the notepad symbol with red pen on it).