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i think i found a bug using quadSPI, if i want to send more than 64bits of data. The MSLS always goes high after 8 bytes (64 bits) have been transmitted (for a word length of 8), even if there was no EnableEndOfFrame command.
Nevertheless the MSLS is working fine in SPI001_STANDARD_HPC_OUTPUTMODE
and like in SPI001_Example2 it is also working fine in quadmode, iff my first byte is transmitted in SPI001_STANDARD_HPC_OUTPUTMODE, but only then.
If i wanna start to transmit straight away in SPI001_QUADMODE_HPC_OUTPUTMODE, the MSLS gets high after 8 bytes, always...

It would be nice to know if there is a way to transmit a greater amount of bytes straight away in SPI001_QUADMODE_HPC_OUTPUTMODE,

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Hi Werner,

Did you enable the Frame End Mode?
If you enable this, the MSLS signal will stay active until the End of Frame condition is reached.
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Hi Jackson,
yes Frame End Mode is enabled and its working fine in single SPI, and also if i send the first byte in Single SPI. But if i wanna transmit in qSPI from the start the MSLS signals always goes high after 64 Bits...