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I'm having a problem searching the DAVE Forum. I put in I2S or IIS in the search box (tried also the Advanced search) and nothing comes up. I know there are at least two threads with I2S in the title but I just cannot find them - I know this because yesterday I printed them out!
I wanted to add a reply to the one entitled "XMC4500 I2S questions". It would be nice if the search tool honoured the following search patterns:
1) quoted strings are obeyed, i.e. case insensitive but otherwise exact;
2) single words are obeyed, i.e. anywhere in the text/title;
3) multiple words can be joined with AND or OR, and there is support for NOT, and use of parentheses to ensure search order;
4) (optional) regular expression syntax - probably asking a bit much;
5) searches can be done using the thread ID (requires revealing the ID) - I'm assuming the threads are held in a regular database and thus have a numeric unique key;
6) Tags should automatically be part of the search. [Not much point in having them otherwise.]

I know this is a big ask, but it would help developers like me to get to the heart of an issue quicker.

NB I notice that the search options change once the focus has moved away from the thread list, it is like there is another search tool being used. Consistency is everything.
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Hi Jack,

Thank you very much for the feedback. We're aware of the weakness in forum search function. We're in the process of improving it. Pls excuse us for any inconvenience caused, thanks.

Best regards,
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As intermediate solution you may try google's site search.

Put the following expression into google's search field (without quotes): "XMC4500 I2S questions site:http://www.infineonforums.com"