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Update, September, 22, 2014

Update of DAVE Apps libraries (update site v1.0.66)

DAVE Apps libraries update site has been updated to v1.0.66:
- DAVEApps_Library_001 has been updated to v1.0.66
- DAVEApps_MotorControl_Library_001 v1.0.28 (no change)
- DAVEApps_Lighting_Library_001 has been updated v1.0.18
- DAVEApps_HMI_Library_001 has been updated to v1.0.6
- Device Description libraries release 2014-05-09 (no change)

Overview of updates

DAVEApps_Library_001 v1.0.66:
18 DAVE Apps are updated, mainly to fix known deficiencies: ADC001, ADC002, ADC003, ADCGLOB001, ADCGROUP001, ADCSYNC001, BMI01, CCU4Global, CCU8Global, CLK001, EBU001, EBU_Global, MANC01, MATHLIBS, NVIC_DMA001, NVIC002, RTOS001, SPI003

DAVEApps_Lighting_Library_001 v1.0.18
3 DAVE Apps are updated, mainly to fix known deficiencies: COLORLAMP01, WHITELAMP01
2 new DAVE Apps are added: LIGTHINGSYS01 (to create a lighting control system including lamp load control) and DALICG02 (extension of DALICG01)
1 DAVE App is deprecated: DALICG01 should not be used for new projects, instead DALICG02 should be used

DAVEApps_HMI_Library_001 v1.0.6
2 DAVE Apps are updated (extend functionality): DOTMATRIX01 and LEDTSGLOBAL

More details and instructions to perform the update.

Example Projects for the new added DAVE Apps will be published by the end of this week, early next week.
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