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Today we released new versions of DAVE, DAVE SDK, Device Descriptions, and Device Support Pack.

DAVE v4.2.8 and DAVE SDK v4.2.8

  • Fix of an issues related to not correct solver results in case different versions of the same Devices Description are installed in the local library store.
  • In SDK only the version has been adjusted to keep sync with DAVE.

Further Details are described in the DAVE and DAVE SDK Release Note

Device Descriptions
A new version of the Device Description of the XMC1404 in QFN 40 package has been released to add missing pin options.
Further Details are described in the Release Note.

Device Support Pack v2.1.14
To correct in XMC4300 header file wrong offset address information of some peripheral. Please replace in exiting XMC4300 projects the old header file with the new header file versions (v1.0.4) provide in this Device Support Pack.
Further Details are described in the Release Note.

How to update:
When starting DAVE two update notifications will appear, one for the DAVE updated and one for the libraries update:. To install the updates click on the notifications and follow further instructions.
Alternatively the check for updates functionality can be used:
Press: -> Help -> Check for DAVE APP Updates (Device Description updates and Device Pack update)
Press: -> Help -> Check for Updates (DAVE update)

An updated zip file that includes all libraries for local installation / update of the local library store can be downloaded from here.

We also updated the separate XMC lib package with the correction of the XMC4300 header file as mention above.

For users of Keil/ ARM MDK: There is also a new update of the CMSIS PACK available. Plues use your Pack Installer to install the updates.
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version 3.1.0
Line 429:


this is an error, isn't it?
First like received 750 replies posted 500 replies posted

Thanks for reporting.
Indeed is in an error. Fortunately it does not affect the functionality. It has been corrected and will be available in the next release planned for end of July.
BTW: CLOCK_XMC4 or LLD are not affected.