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Today we released DAVE v4.2.4, plus an update of the TLE98 and TLE97 device support.
This extra patch release was necessary to fix some issues that slipped through in the latest release.

DAVE v4.2.4
Following issues are now solved:

  • Solver communication was sporadically not working due to not optimized memory allocation. In this case, new DAVE APPs couldn’t be added into a project.
  • Library manager: Already installed DAVE APPs were presented for download, although the respective hide option was checked. Subsequent download and install process of the APPs happened without overwrite message.
  • APP dependency view icon in 64-bit installations gets corrupted when other tab is selected.
  • DAVE doesn't refresh/reload the project after switching branch in GIT and other versioning system.

The DAVE release note is respectively updated.

For TLE98 and TLE97 MCUs, missing Device Descriptions have been added and some issues in device support has been fixed. Also the respective APPs in contributed update site have been updated (fix of issues)

How to update:
When starting DAVE an update notification will appear. To install the update click on the notification and follow further instructions.
Alternatively the check for updates functionality can be used:
Press ->Help -> Check for Updates (to update to DAVE v4.2.4)
Press –Help -> Check for DAVE APP Updates (TLE 9800 support)

To install the new TLE Devices Descriptions:
Press ->Help -> Install DAVE APPs/ Example/ Device Libraries
And select in “Work with” DAVE APPs Library Manager, then select all shown artefacts and follow instructions.

A summary of all changes including a description of the changes released on Feb, 15 can be downloaded as PDF.

Please note, with DAVE v4.2.x older versions of DAVE are not forward compatible (projects created in DAVE v4.2.x cannot be imported in DAVE v4.1.x).

However, we modified the example projects in the example repository of DAVE that most of them can still be used in DAVE v4.1.4 (upload happens within the next hours).
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