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Dear all,
I have just installed DAVE4.2.6 and got some problems of importing library & example.
I followed the instruction to import the file but failed.
Help>Install DAVE APP/Example/Device Library...

The captures are as shown below:

Project Import has the same problem:

Would you please help me to solve the problem?
Thank you very much~
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Normally, the installation will install the DAVE libraries, please also check that DAVE library store path is valid.
You can check at the following:
1. Windows-> Preferences
2. In the opened dialog, select DAVE->Library Manager. This opens the path where the library store is installed.
Please make sure that this path is accessible. It should look like this C:\Users\\Infineon\D_LibraryStore_4.1

If this is installed properly, you can try the following link in DAVE to install the DAVE APP library.
1. Help-> Install DAVE APP/Example/Device Libraries...
2. A Dialog (as the attachment) opens: In Work With: Select DAVE APPs Library Manager.
- Selecting this, the available DAVE APPs and libraries will be available for download and installation.
- Select all the libraries and Click on Next to proceed with the download and installation.

The above steps should help you install the required DAVE libraries.

Also in this option, you could download the DAVE examples by selecting the DAVE Project Library Manager. This will list the available projects for downloading.