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Hi there,

I have a Dave project which generates code and compiles with Dave 4.4.2, but it doesn't use the latest App versions which I have installed.
For example, it uses UART v4.1.10 instead of the current v4.1.12, CAN_NODE v4.1.14 instead of v4.1.20, and so on.
When I try to upgrade all Apps ("DAVE Project Upgrade, APPs Upgrade" => new project Project_Upgraded_0), I get an error ("Solver Error while setting the GUI value to APP!").
Of course, I could remove Apps, e.g. the UART, and add them in the new project again with the old version. But isn't it that in this case I would have to input the pin numbers and other settings again?
Maybe I should not upgade all Apps in one step. Therefore I would like to know:
Is it possible to upgrade just single Apps, instead of all of them in one step?

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Hi Joachim,

Unfortunately it is not possible to upgrade a single APP.
You can export the APP configuration to a file and use that file to configure a new added APP.


Could you post the .log file (inside .metadata folder) of the workspace when the error happens?