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I have a classic windows related problem. (I'm using win10 x64)

I try to install DAVE to my secondary hard-drive (D: NOT C:) and even when I choose "D:\DAVEv4\DAVE-4.1.4\" as the installation path, I get the error message :" Out of disk space -- Volume: 'C:'; ".
This is basically correct, I'm missing the free space on the 'C:' drive, but why even bother?!

Does anyone know a proper solution to this problem?
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Isnt windows allways storing programdata on data c and is just storing additional files of the instalation on the d drive i ull install it on D or arent other programs affected with this problem ?
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Hi Bernstein,

This is not possible as what Stefan has replied. 😞
You will probably need to free up some space on your C drive for the installation.