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Hi sir:
How to use DAVE to combine PWM_BC with POSIF in APP project ?
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PWM_BC APP generates pulse width modulated output for block commutation (trapezoidal) to drive three phase two level voltage inverter. The APP uses CCU8 peripheral for generating PWM and it also configures multichannel configurations of POSIF peripheral. APP uses low level driver APIs for configuring peripherals, APP can be used for both sensor less and hall sensor based block commutation. APP requires multichannel pattern (commutation pattern) input and desired amplitude (duty cycle) from user periodically to generate PWM for block commutation.

For the use of the POSIF, you will use it in Multi-Channel Mode to control the PWM modulation output. This is normally used in conjunction with the POSIF in Hall Sensor Control Mode, where the module detects of any update in the Hall inputs to check the detection Hall pattern with expected Hall Pattern. Once this is done, to update of the Multi-Channel pattern. Currently, an APP for the POSIF in Hall sensor mode is not available.

For more details of the POSIF, you can reference to the following application note: AP32289: Position Inter face (POSIF)