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How do I download the dave3 plugins so I can install them in eclipse on linux ? When I try to download them from the following it doesn't allow me ?

12. Is it possible to use DAVE™ as plug in other/ existing Eclipse environments?
DAVE™ consist of following Eclipse feature plug ins:
TASKING Debugger
DAVE™ MBS (Builder for the ARM GCC)
DAVE™ Library manager (to download and manage DAVE Apps Library
DAVE™ IDE (new project wizard, project and workspace management)
DAVE™ CE (Code Engine, to generate the code)

For using the autocode generation features only the plugins DAVE™ CE and DAVE™ Library Manager are required. They can be installed from:

Current restrictions: these plugins are currently only tested for DAVE™ and we have not tried them together with other plugins. It is planned to provide a tested plugin version of the Code generation and library management functionality by end of this year.
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