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Please if somebody can help me I'm stuck and can’t program or run debugger on Dave3.

A year ago I download Dave 3.1.10 and got Relax kit with XMC4500. I start to made my project based on relax kit application. I increase all needed functions and on relax kit all run ok (I can use debugger and programmer). Now I made my
hardware with exact XMC4500 processor. As Relax kit has built in debugger and programmer I also buy new KIT_XMC_LINK_SEGGER_V1 which can be used for programming and debugging. With Dave 3 and KIT_XMC_LINK_SEGGER_V1
I should be able to program and debug any hardware with XMC4500 processor. My hardware is in cpu exact copy of Relax kit.

When I connect KIT_XMC_LINK_SEGGER_V1 thru 10-pin Cortex debug connector to my hardware I got message:
"Error Creating Session:
The debug instrument IO could not be initialized.
The GDI debug instrument provided the following error message.
An error occurred while connecting to the target. The exact cause is unknown, but possibly, the J-Link is not connected to the target properly."

If I connect the KIT_XMC_LINK_SEGGER_V1 thru 10-pin Cortex debug connector to Relax kit it works normally. My hardware I tested and I can program it with other programmer but my project now I have on Dave 3.1.10 and it is also
running and tested on Relax kit.

What should I do to use my project out of Relax kit and with KIT_XMC_LINK_SEGGER_V1?
Thank you
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