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Level 4
The PWMMP001 has a function PWMMP001_EnableGlobalStart - which sets the CCU8x bit in CAPCOM Global Start Control Register (CCUCON). This bit generate an Event Trigger wich shoud be connected to the CCU8xCC8y slices. It means, normally, wenn I call PWMMP001_EnableGlobalStart function -> the CCU8 slices will started synchronously. But it dosen't happens because: in description of the API for function PWMMP001_Start I see: "This will start the PWMMP001 App which will in turn start the CCU8x_CCy slices. This function needs to be called to start the App even if External Start is configured." But the call of PWMMP001_Start will start the slices, and the global synchronous start of all slices is not possible at all!
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To start the multiple PWM timer at the same time, Please use the PWMMP001_Start().

How the PWMMP001_Start() start the PWMs at the same time?
1. It will configured INS, CMC for external start triggered by SCU.GLCCST8x on rising edge for all the PWM slices.
2. It will set TCSET to 1. (The timer will not start yet as it is waiting for SCU.GLCCST80 to be 1)
It will continue to set TCSET to 1 for all the other PWM slices.
3. It will call PWMMP001_EnableGlobalStart().
SCU.GLCCST80 is set to "1"
All the timer slices will start at the same time.