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Hello everyone,

is there an easy to use possibility to automatically extract full symbol information into a format, which can be easily read (e.g. like the map file)? By full I mean names, addresses and types (or sizes) of global variables, structs and theirs members. In particular my concern lays on the struct members, because at least the names and addresses of global variables and structs (only start address without information whats within the structs) can be easily accessed through the map file. I used an elf file reader to analyze the elf file, but the only additional information I could find, was something about local variables, but nothing about the struct members.

I compile with the Maximum debug level (-g3) and the format dwarf-2 (for tasking debugger) or gdb (for gdb debugger). My Dave version is 3.1.10 and my target is XMC4500.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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