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I´m trying to implement a ethernet connection between my PC, the XMC4800 and another device. I have never implemented a Ethhernet connection with Dave befor. Therfor I tried to understand the Infineon-XMC4700_lwip_httpserver example (https://www.infineon.com/cms/de/product/evaluation-boards/kit_xmc48_relax_ecat_v1/#!?fileId=5546d462...).
My Pc and my board are connected directly (so I´m using OPT2) with an ethernet cable. I am not using a crossover ethernet cable, just a normal one (dont´n know if thats the problem). The Ip adress and the networ mask are fixed. But when I test and debug the programm, I can't analyse any network protocolls beeing send (I am using Wireshark for the analysation).
I am able to toggle both LEDs and I get response when pinging the Ip-adress. I am just wondering why there is no network protocoll communication between the XMC and my PC in Wireshark.

Thank you for your help.
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