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I formatted my computer yesterday.
After reinstalling Dave 4.2 64-bits I found that I am unable to open previously created projects.
This projects were created using the same version of Dave (4.2 64-bits). During format these projects were left untouched.
I have suffered from same problem previously when I was unable to open Dave 4.1 32-bits project in Dave 4.2 but the I created the new version project in Dave 4.2 64-bits.
Kindly advice.
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Hi Ishaan,

Please help us to get the following information

1. What do you mean by "Unable to open projects"?
2. Please provide .metadata folder
3. Are you using old workspace (created using DAVE 32-bit) inside DAVE 64 bit and vice versa

Ideally, you can open projects created in DAVE 32 bit inside DAVE 64 bit, but not the workspace.

Best Regards