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First question asked

I can not English.

so, my write is grammar is wrong.

today use Dave tool.

so, im beginner.

i question.

void dma_init(void)
/* DMA Source/Destination Address setup */
pDMA_src_I1 = (uint32_t*)&ADC_MEASUREMENT_ADV_G1_IF1_I_RES;
pDMA_src_Q1 = (uint32_t*)&ADC_MEASUREMENT_ADV_G2_IF1_Q_RES;

pDMA_dst_I1 = (uint32_t*)adc_i1;
pDMA_dst_Q1 = (uint32_t*)adc_q1;

xmc4200 chip

IFI.LG or IFI.HG is P14.0 or P14.4

but, ADC_MEASUREMENT_ADV_G1_IF1_I_RES is 0x40004400->RES[15] ?

I understand => 0x40004400->RES[0]

Add to

I can't understand

Dma init

Simply Explanation please.

have nice day .
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