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I have an XMC4400 with the Ethernet (COM) and OLED (HMI) boards. I installed Dave 3.1.8 and the "September 2013" release of the samples.

I'm trying to find an Ethernet-enabled example which uses DHCP to configure the Ethernet port on the COM board. I've looked at WEBSERVER001_Example1 and WEBSERVER001_Example2, as well as a slew of "Model" and "Generated" files within those two projects and can't find a way to modify either of those examples to use DHCP. I tried the same thing with the ETH004 example and any file changes I made were either ignored, overwritten, or resulted in compile time errors that shouldn't have happened based on the changes I made.

The problem I'm trying to solve is that my house LAN is 192.168.0/24 and the office LAN is 10.10/16. The default static IP address of is fine (the gateway is wrong -- my gateway is and the examples are configured for for the house, as I don't have anything on that IP address at the moment, but it won't work at all at the office.
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Never mind -- I launched the IDE in the "Dave IDE" perspective instead of "Dave CE". Once in "Dave CE" mode I was able to reconfigure the "ETH004" thingy to use DHCP. I rebuilt the project and all is well -- the XMC4400 made a DHCP request, was assigned (my DHCP block starts at or so), and proceeded to do all the appropriate networking stuff.