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Very new to infineon microcontrollers and DAVE. Please be patient.

I have run through a couple examples and I think I understand enough of the XMC library. I decided to start writing my own library for multiple projects to reference. The output of the project is a .lib.

I created a new "ARM-GCC Library Empty Project". I have started including various header files I will need for my peripherals. Any of the XMC header files I call out cause an error. The XMC library isn't part of my includes path. How do I add it to it? All the examples just seem to work.

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Lackluster response rate here. I thought this was an easy one.

Working with a local FAE, and digging through a weirdly layed out website, I found the link to the library zip file here:

I place the contents of that zip file somewhere outside of my project. I then include that file path into my build variables. I link to this in all my projects to minimize the hassle of updating over multiple projects. Just the one spot on my C drive needs updating.