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Today we released a patch for DAVE v4.1.4 and some New DAVE APPs.

The patch for DAVE v4.1.4 fixes two minor issues:

  • Automatic notification for DAVE Plug-Ins updates through web links did not show up correctly
  • Warning message about unused solver variable is now only shown when DAVE is in Debug mode.

Release note.

To install the update just press “Check for Updates” in the DAVE Help menu, select the shown plug-ins (DAVE Code Engine Feature and DAVE v4 Product Feature) and follow the further instructions.

New DAVE APP release:

The motor control APP PMSM_FOC is now available.
This APP allows controlling of a PMSM motor with an highly optimized sensor less FOC algorithm.
Release note.

To install the DAVE APP:

  • Press ->Help ->Install DAVE APP/ Example/ Device Library
  • Select in Work with: DAVE APPs Library Manager
  • Select the APP: PMSM_FOC

...and follow the further instructions.

An example for XMC1300 motor control kit is available in the example library accessible from DAVE. An example for the XMC4400 motor control kit is in preparation for publishing next week.

New release of contributed DAVE APPs:

The following 4 new contributed DAVE APPs are now available:

  • ISO11I and ISO1H: these APPs abstract the usage of the ISOFACE devices: ISO1H812G, ISO1H816G (output) and ISO1I811T (input) connected as external peripherals on an SPI channel of any XMC device
  • MCAN_CONFIG: Configuration APP of the MCAN peripheral module
  • SEGGER_RTT: This APP adds and configures the SEGGER RTT library to use the SEGGER RTT terminal tools for interactive I/O communication between the MCU target and the PC (2 simple examples for XMC1100 and XMC4500 are available in the example library)

Examples for APPs can be easily created by following the instructions in the APP help document, section: Typical Usage.

These new contributed APPs can be installed as follows:

  • Press ->Help ->Install DAVE APP/ Example/ Device Library
  • Select in Work with: Contributed DAVE APPs Library Manager
  • Select the respective DAVE APPs

...and follow the further instructions.
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