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Update, February, 28, 2014

New Version of DAVE (DAVE v3.1.10) and a new version of DAVE Apps libraries is now available for download.

DAVE Apps libraries update site v1.0.62- DAVEApps_Library_001 has been updated to v1.0.62
- DAVEApps_MotorControl_Library_001 v1.0.26 (no change)
- DAVEApps_Lighting_Library_001 v1.0.16 (no change)
- DAVEApps_HMI_Library_001 v1.0.2 (no change)
- Device Description libraries has been updated (2014-02-26)

Reason for changes in comparison to update site version 1.0.58 (from Feb 21, 20114):
- NVIC002 App: Correction of a macro problem and correction of a wrong header file inclusion
- PWMSP003 App: Correction of a wrong header file inclusion
- IO002 App: Correction of a macro problem
- Device Description: 10 Device Descriptions are updated to fix a missing signal declaration in port 2

More details.

DAVE v3.1.10
DAVE v.3.1.10 is available as installer setup or a zipped file package. It contains the following new features
- Generation of a gpdsc file to ease the use of the generated library files in Keil MDK µVision 5
- Integration of GDB as second debugger option, in addition to TASKING debugger
- Device support for XMC1000 VQFN devices (used on XMC 2Go kit) and XMC4108
- ARM GCC v4.7 Q3 update

In addition it contains couple of fixes plus updates of startup and header files.

More details.

For users of older versions of DAVE: we recommend downloading and using this new version including the updated DAVE Apps libraries. Existing Project can be imported to a new workspace created with DAVE 3.1.10 and used earlier versions of DAVE Apps can be migrated to the latest version.

Please note, the default location of the local library store in the user folder has changed. This preference can be changed to an existing local library store. However, we recommend using the latest version of DAVE Apps libraries (v1.0.62).
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