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Level 4
I installed the DAVE tool, put together some Apps in a DAVE CE project, and configured it before generating the code. All this is simple, but I have no idea what has been created and can find no documentation about what DAVE CE is actually doing. Nor do I know what to do next. From what I can see, some initialization including pin assignment was done. The videos do not really help at all because they don't answer the basic premise of what DAVE CE is doing for you.

Is there some documentation outlining where I am to insert my code? I have a main method but do not know what else might be wired aside from the initialization code.

Is there some code documentation outlining what each of the the Apps actually does and when the different methods/functions in each App can be called? The comments in the Apps I looked at are almost useless as they mostly restate the name of the method without stating intent.


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Hi Jason,

Yes it can be difficult to picture what DAVE is doing and as you say the documentation often re-iterates the name of something rather than what it does.. A simple diagram would be useful. Here are some hints...

* The DAVE Apps save you from writing your own functions for configuring the ARM hardware. When you add an App to your project, double click on the App to reveal it's configuration tabs and configure as required.

* Right click on an App in the project to set the following...

- Signal Connection (how the App links to other Apps)
- Manual Pin Assignment (how the App input and output signals connect to hardware pins)
- Manual Resource Assignment (manually override the hardware resources used by an App, otherwise DAVE assigns them for you)

* The DAVE 'Solver' button checks the hardware resources you have configured for all Apps are available. e.g. The ARM has a limited number of CCU8 blocks. If you add too many Apps which exceed the number of CCU8's then the Solver will throw an error.

* Once you have configured all DAVE Apps, the 'Generate Code' button simply generates C code for them. You will find the generated code under the 'Dave' folder in your project workspace. This is the C code DAVE saves you from writing yourself.

* In the help for each App, the most useful section is "API documentation" which lists the functions you can call from your own C code.

* By default a new project includes a 'Main.c' file. You can add your own C code and associated Header files as required.

* The 'Build Active Project' button will compile your project C code which includes your own C code and the C code generated from each App by DAVE.

* The following buttons let you see how each App is configured...

- Resource Mapping Information
- Manual Pin Assignment
- Manual Resource Assignment
- Signal connection

* I recommend you look at some of the DAVE example projects to see the structure and API calls.

I hope this is of some help
Best regards
Hi Jason,

Sorry that the documentation is not always clear. Besides the very good explanations from Aaron, may be it is helpful for you to read through this tutorial.
Let us know if you have suggestions to improve it.

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how exactly do I view the API documentation? (In Dave ?) (Dave Version 3.1.10)
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I could not find the apps in the help and the apps selection view. I reinstalled the apps. Problem solved.
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Hi, frustrateduser,

If you are using DAVE v3.1.10, to access the Help Documentation. Do the following steps:
1. Press "F1" button, this will invoke the "Help" Window
2. In either the "S/W App Connectivity View" or "S/W App Dependency Tree" views, click on the APP. This will give you the APP documentation in the "Help" window.
3. Proceed to access the App document in the "Help" window.

If you are using DAVE v4.1.2 (Highly recommended), to access the Help Documentation. Do the following steps:
1. In either the "APP Dependency" or "APP Dependency Tree" views, right-click on the APP and select APP Help.
1. Double click the APP in the "APP Dependency" view, this opens the UI window. Click on a "question-mark" icon on the Button-right.

More information on DAVE v4.12 available at: www.infineon.com/dave

Daryl 🙂